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Our Stories from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

RainShine Early Warning Network

The Village of Epi, DRC to Join The Early Warning Radio Network

Through a new partnership between the RainShine Foundation and Invisible Children, the village of Epi will join the Early Warning Radio Network. The village elders and parents organization first asked the RainShine Foundation for assistance in acquiring the high-frequency radio equipment during Rob Freedman and Nathaniel Lewis’ 2017 trip to Epi. After over a year

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2018 Mission Trip to Epi, DR Congo – Funds Still Needed

2018 is going to be an exciting, groundbreaking (literally with your help) year for the village of Epi, DRC, and the RainShine Foundation. RainShine co-founder and board member, Ethel Blair and her team of Australians are headed to Epi in February to break ground on a new solar power system and lay the groundwork for the permanent

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Today is World Environment Day and RainShine is launching a new fund to jumpstart our solar powered mini-grid project

With no access to electricity, Epi’s energy demands are simply; people want electric lighting so they wouldn’t have to keep buying and burning charcoal, and they want a way cook and to charge their mobile phones. Having access to solar power will help reduce deforestation and particulate air pollution through the burning of charcoal. A

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Spring 2017 Supply Delivery To Epi

One of the challenges working in the DR Congo is the remoteness and horrible road conditions which make getting to and from our schools difficult for volunteers and staff. in 2016 we launched a new partnership with the Dungu-Doruma Diocese. In doing so we are able to make quarterly visits to the schools, ensuring projects

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RainShine Volunteer Trip to Epi – 2017

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016, volunteer and intern Nathaniel Lewis and RainShine Co-Founder Rob Freedman left the San Francisco Bay Area for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We took a circuitous route of SFO -> LAX -> AMS -> KGL -> EBB…that’s right, 4 flights and 28 hours of travel. Upon arrival at Entebbe

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2016 Volunteer Trip to Epi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Here is a look at the trip taken by Apollo Kaagwa, an advisor to the RainShine Foundation and a founder of his own school in Kampala, Uganda.  This Summer, in wake of the death of our friend John Valk, Apollo volunteered to check on the school for us, establish new relations for RainShine and to

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Epi School Student Escapes from LRA after Kidnapping

Here the story of one Epi student, Mathieu Pakwana. Mathieu Lived with his parents close to Epi but at the other side of the Uele river. His father is a fisherman. In the year 2012 rebels of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) walked on the road that goes from west to east and goes along the

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