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2016 Volunteer Trip to Epi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Here is a look at the trip taken by Apollo Kaagwa, an advisor to the RainShine Foundation and a founder of his own school in Kampala, Uganda.  This Summer, in wake of the death of our friend John Valk, Apollo volunteered to check on the school for us, establish new relations for RainShine and to see how the preparations for new school construction are going. RainShine founder, Rob Freedman, is heading back to the school in late 2016 to follow up on the administration of the school.

River Crossing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by The RainShine Foundation

Apollo and his guide traversing a river near the school in Epi, DRC – July 2016

Bus stuck in the mud on the road from Durba, DRC to Dungu, DRC.

The Dieu Merci bus got stuck in the mud and Apollo had to walk over 7 km to the next village.

The RainShine School in Epi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bas-Uele Province

The RainShine School in Epi, Primary School. We are currently working with the local leaders to secure land and materials to build a new school that will include room for a Secondary School.