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Spring 2017 Supply Delivery To Epi

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One of the challenges working in the DR Congo is the remoteness and horrible road conditions which make getting to and from our schools difficult for volunteers and staff. in 2016 we launched a new partnership with the Dungu-Doruma Diocese. In doing so we are able to make quarterly visits to the schools, ensuring projects move forward and our teachers get the support they need in a more timely fashion. The second of such visits was just completed last weekend.

The RainShine Foundation Partners from Dungu-Doruma Diocese

Our partners who make the treacherous journey from Dungu to Epi every quarter for us.

Medical and School Supplies on display at the RainShine School in Epi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Pictured here are the Senke motorbike, medical supplies, school supplies, and other goods the RainShine Foundation sent this quarter to Epi.

RainShine School Headmaster, Epi village Chief, with new Senke Motorbike.

We raised money this winter to award the teachers and headmaster a new motorbike as the school and village was without motorized transportation. The roads and jungle tracks are often only passable by foot or motorbike. Having access to this will help the teachers and headmaster make their own supply runs into the town of Amadi, 80 km away. That is also the closest cellular service they can reach to send messages to RainShine or the outside world in the case of an emergency. This makes the trip in from Epi to Amadi 4 hours rather than 10 hours by bicycle or even more by foot.

Medical Supplies in DR Congo

Medical supplies delivered to Epi by the RainShine Foundation.

Football in the Democratic Republic of the Congo village of Epi

Students playing with the new soccer (football) balls that we were able to send over.

The RainShine School in Epi Classrooms

View of the school classrooms in Epi.


Here is a short video of the trip. We are making our next supply run in August 2017. Donations are needed to help us meet our quarterly fundraising goals.