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Today is World Environment Day and RainShine is launching a new fund to jumpstart our solar powered mini-grid project

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With no access to electricity, Epi’s energy demands are simply; people want electric lighting so they wouldn’t have to keep buying and burning charcoal, and they want a way cook and to charge their mobile phones. Having access to solar power will help reduce deforestation and particulate air pollution through the burning of charcoal.

RainShine Solar Project in the DR Congo

A week’s worth of energy to meet basic demands for a single household can be stored in a small motorcycle battery. The batteries are locally available and very cheap (~$20 USD). They’re also portable. The Epi community can generate renewable energy collectively at a central location and then distribute it via a fleet of small carry-home batteries – a ‘portable’ micro-grid.

This fund will help us launch the first deployment of such a grid to the Epi School and teachers. Once proven successful we will scale the project to power all of Epi.

You can donate online to our Solar project here: