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Learn about each of our current projects below and use the interactive Google Map to explore their locations.

Epi, DR Congo
The RainShine School in Epi

We are working to improve the School in Epi, including providing the Epi community with a permanent brick structure, proper learning materials, teacher training, laptops, solar panels, and a method of communication with the outside world through a high-frequency radio station. 

Students with language arts work books in Epi, Democratic Republic of the Congo 2016
Year 5 Students with New Reading and Language Work Books.
Epi, Democratic Republic of the Congo School Room
Epi Classroom Blackboard

Tapili, DR Congo
The Secondary School of Tapili

We helping the secondary school in Tapili acquire 6 laptops for their advanced science and mathematics program which has over 50 students identified as being good candidates for university instruction. Laptops are an invaluable tool in helping them gain the skills they will need to be successful students at the collegiate level.

Primary and Secondary School Buildings in the Democratic Republic of the Congo January 2017
Tapili Primary and Secondary School Buildings.

Kampala, Uganda
Good News Blessed Academy and Nursery

We are helping Apollo Kaagwa with funding some school building improvements and awarded the Good News Blessed Academy a grant to fund new tires for their school van.

Good News Blessed Academy in Kampala Uganda
Construction continues at the GNB Academy.
Rob Freedman and Apollo Kaagwa purchasing the tires for the school van in Kampala Uganda
Rob Freedman and Apollo Kaagwa purchasing the tires for the school van in Kampala Uganda

Your donations at work!

$40 buys 10 sets of school uniforms
$60 buys two soccer balls
$135 buys tools/seeds for a school garden
$135 buys school learning supplies for 10 children
$150 buys textbooks for 10 children
$600 helps to upgrade the school bathroom facilities
$1,000 helps install drinking water1
$1,000 helps install solar panels and lights2
$4000 helps build a classroom.

1Epi Village currently uses a hand/bicycle pump that was installed in the early 2000’s and is in need of replacement or repair parts. This is the pump that the school uses. Fixing or replacing would ensure that students spend more time learning and less time collecting water from the river.

2Epi Village currently uses hand-crank lanterns as the village exists in a gridless environment; solar panels will allow them to produce, store, and use their own electricity.


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