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The RainShine Foundation, founded in 2012, supports schools in the Northeastern regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our primary project is located in the remote village of Epi which lies along the Uele River 80km north of Amadi, DRC. We work to help build sustainable communities in remote, overlooked regions of the Congo.

The RainShine Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. To learn about our various projects, visit the Our Work page here.

Rob Freedman, Co-Founder, President

Rob FreedmanRob Freedman is the VP of Marketing at Fourlane. He holds a BA in Politics from Loyola University of Chicago and a MA from National-Louis University. Rob has over 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations. He co-founded the RainShine Foundation, a non-profit that is operating schools in the DR Congo and Uganda out of his passion for social justice and a belief that access to education is fundamental for a community to thrive.

Ethel Blair, Co-Founder, Managing Director

Ethel Blair RainShine Board MemberEthel holds a Bachelor Business Commerce (Marketing and Information Technology (IT) majors) degree and is currently studying a Juris Doctor of Law (JD). She has been employed in IT since 1989 in a range of positions: Computer trainer, Software Engineer, Project Manager, and is formally a Program Manager for ABB.

Louise Mardsen, Secratary

Louise started her involvement with RainShine as a volunteer. She travelled to Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018 as part of the Turn the Lights On Project to bring solar lighting to one of our primary schools in DRCongo. Louise was trained by Solar
Now in Uganda on how to install a 500 Watt Solar System. This project was completed successfully. Louise brings her years of experience on executive committees in local clubs and associations to RainShine. She is a co-founder and President of RainShine Foundation Australia and the Secretary for RainShine Foundation USA.

Marty Jensen TEP, AIFA, CIMC, Managing Director

Chairman of the Board at Red Thread Ventures

Key Volunteers and Advisors

Nathaniel Lewis, Technology and Media, Associate

Nathaniel Lewis RainShine Staff Member and Technical AdvisorNathaniel graduated from St. Andrews Presbyterian College with a degree in Philosophy and a keen interest in both technology and bettering the world. He started as a volunteer with RainShine in 2015 and joined the 2016-2017 trip to Epi village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to document and photograph RainShine’s efforts in the region. Since returning from the Congo, Nathaniel has joined the RainShine team in a more formal capacity, working to update our website, our cloud storage databases and fundraising campaigns.

Apollo Kaagwa, Uganda Project Partner and Advisor

Apollo Kaagwa RainShine Foundation AdvisorApollo is the Founder and Senior Pastor at Good News Blessed Church and Director of the Good News Blessed Academy in Kampala, Uganda. Apollo literally built his school from the ground up with his own two hands. He has been instrumental in helping RainShine direct the construction of the new school facilities in Epi, DRC and we are working with him on improvements to his school’s curriculum.

Chancellor John of God, Epi and Tapili Project Partner and Advisor

John, Son of God, Chancellor of the Dungu-Doruma Diocese Chancellor, John of God, is the Abbe’ for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Doruma–Dungu, located in the city of Dungu, DRC. We have partnered with them and the church administrators in Amadi, DRC to help make regular supply runs to Epi on behalf of the RainShine Board and its supporters.

The RainShine School in Epi Staff

The RainShine School in Epi Staff and Advisors 2017

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